Detail Specification of HW and SW SmartSolenoid products.

Firmware 1.0 and Prototype board

Prototype boards firmware allow wireless control of up to 32 SmartSolenoid receivers from a ESP32 OpenSprinkler central unit hosted in same HW as SmartHub. 

Sensor acquisition is not implemented.

Prototype Smart Solenoid receiver

operate one latching solenoid
use ESP32 or ATMega328 processors
operate for 3 month with LiPo battery
with optional SolarPanel battery operate without recharge for several years
can connect sensors with 3 analog  and 2 digital input lines (with Firmware 2.0) 


Firmware 2.0 will be released end of march 2019 and installed on production boards.

 Firmware 2.0 is the follow up and evolution of first SmartSolenoid firmware, where each valve remote unit was directly controlled by a modified OpenSprinkler controller. It will run on same HW as firmware 1.x. Firmware 2.0 adds sensor acquisition to remote valve controllers SmartHub is a new unit that is a smart gateway to all remote LoRa receiversIt connect  via wifi to ethernet and from there  is remotely controlled with Http Api commands. OpenSprinkler controller can access any SmartSolenoid sending commands to SmartHub.

SmartHub also connects a Cloud Server where all sensor data and valve operations are stored , for user  control and monitor.

SmartHub can be programmed to control SmartSolenoids and OpenSprinkler units based on sensor readings and therefore  adjust watering to weather and environnement.


New SmartSolenoid Receiver production boards

First batch of production boards (will be available by end of march) specs:

Powered by a Lipo battery for 1 year+ operations
Connected via LoRa to SmartHub at up to 5km
Operating 1 or 2 latching solenoid valves per unit
Can be connected to a small solar panel for
continuous operation
Can be modified to operate non-latching solenoids
for control of pumps with fixed power.
Can acquire data from several type of sensors:
Temperature and humidity
Soil moisture
Water pressure
Water flow
Water tank level
Other Custom sensors as requirederate 1 or 2 latching solenoids


SmartHub gateway

SmartHub is hosted on a ESP32 Oled LoRa board 

Detailed description:
SmartHub is hosted on a ESP32 Lora board and will connect all SmartSolenoid receivers .
Can be accessed via wifi with a simple http Api to control all functions
It will receive all sensor measurements from remote units and forward them to a CloudServer. From there data can be easily monitored via browser.
It will forward OpenSprinkler commands to SmartSolenoid units.(any standard OpenSprinkler controller can be used)
Can get additional control data from weather stations or additional sensors.
Can compute real time ET (evotranspiration) for precise watering adjustments.
Can be programmed with an intuitive powerful code to control OpenSprinkler controller and to operate  remote SmartSolenoids